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TimmyQuivy (help forum | blog) 22:58, May 1, 2018 (UTC)


Hello AtomicDropped and thanks for taking care of the Rumble Roses Wiki!

I have a logo there, that I think could be used to represent the wiki (the wordmark that show on the top left side of most of the wikis), if you'd like to use it as the wiki logo wordmark that would be nice. Thanks in advance!

Rumble Roses Wiki.png

Baffou (talk) 02:29, 27 July 2021 (UTC)


Thanks AtomicDropped for adding the logo, It is not much, but I think it makes the wiki a bit more polished by having its own wordmark.

About the Rumble Roses games I didn't played them yet, I own the original Rumble Roses on the PS2, but never had time to play it unfortunately. I have watched a bit some videos but that's about it. I think those are some nice Konami games, and the characters seems interesting and very well modelized and detailed, with a large amount of movesets.

Sorry for not presenting myself earlier, I'm Baffou and I manage several Konami wikis with some friends and we have formed a little circle with some other Konami wikis, would you be interested to join our circle and having your Rumble Roses wiki officially affiliated with us? We also have a discord available for anything Konami-related if you are also interested to join in.

Please tell me if you are interested, Thanks in advance. Baffou (talk) 04:52, 27 July 2021 (UTC)

Oh I see, well welcome back in the wiki editing world then! Well AtomicDropped, for the Invitation and affiliation, I think you misunderstood the concept, we are wanting to create a circle of Konami Wikis, that's just that; in fact you don't need to be knowledgable about the other series, nor you have to fell the need to contribute in other Konamis wikis, none of this is asked to you. This is is just an affialiation linking the Konami Wikis to each other, with banners and such, and that would also help increase the chance of your wiki to be seen by other people. Some Konami wikis we are affialiated with, such as Metal Gear or Silent Hill (since you mentioned them) are strictly focused on their wikis, and they are never asked anything in return.

And about the Konami Discord this is another thing. If you are interested to join, this is a place we use to discuss the thing in general Konami related, divided with channels inside specifically focused to a particular series. This is also where we keep track with other Konami wiki admins and a way to communicate easily with them, if a certain problem emerge regarding the wikis, or let's say if you have a particular problem regarding your wiki, or If you want to ask us a particular info or anything.

Well anyway I respect your decision AtomicDropped, and if you need more time to think about the offer, that's ok. In any case I thank you for taking the time to answering me, and I wish you a nice day!

Baffou (talk) 01:24, 28 July 2021 (UTC)