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Makoto Aihara feeling the might of the tickle stick by means of Becky Welsh.

The Tickle Stick is a weapon in Rumble Roses and Rumble Roses XX.


The tickle stick has two attack methods, the first is a strike where the victim is simply hit by the stick. The second one initiates a "tickle" grapple where the attacker is relentlessly tickles the victim. The victim starts laughing due to the effects of the stick and ends up "bowing" to her attacker in a rump in the air posiition. The tickle can only be initiated on standing opponents.


The incredible destructive power of the Tickle Stick becomes too much to bear and Makoto proceeds to bow to the superior Becky to stop the tickling.

The tickle stick is capable of increasing humiliation at a rather high rate. It also does high amounts of body damage to the victim. The stick leaves the opponent in a "downed" state so successfully tickling an opponent can let the aggressor to take advantage those benefits (such as Dr. Anesthesia's lethal attack). All roses could proceed to beat down the downed opponent with the stick.

Reversing the hit of the stick while standing means the would be victim simply grabs the tickle stick and takes it away from her opponent. A defending rose simply rolls out the way when reversing a downed stick hit.

Penalty Game[]

Becky tickled by the stick sound in XX

If a Rose loses a Queens Match one of the penalties is tickling. Since this is a Queens Match penalty only the human females are eligible for this consequence (and being the winner by extension). The winning rose starts off with the tickle stick and simply tickles the loser, in this case unlike a wrestling match the aggressor continues to tickle the loser even after they fall and they are in the ground. After this sequence the loser's reaction to the situation plays.