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==Welcome to the Wiki==
==Welcome to the Wiki==
<center>[[File:Rumble Roses Logo.png|400px]]</center>
Hello and welcome! This site is dedicated to the Rumble Roses game series and the all the lovely Femme Fatales that are featured in it. In this game you have sexy ladies playing WWE more than half naked
And while I'm committed to this, I can't do it all on my own... So please feel free to contribute, since the best way to ensure that this site will grow and improve is by becoming active in this wiki and contributing information.
<center>[[File:Rumble Roses.jpg|480px]]</center>
Welcome aboard!
<div style="text-align:center;"><br /><big>'''Welcome to {{SITENAME}}'''!</big><br />The wiki about the ''[[Rumble Roses (series)|Rumble Roses]]'' series that [[Help:Editing|anyone can edit]].</div>
<div style="text-align:center;">[[Special:Allpages|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles]] since December 2010!</div>
<center><big>'''Characters'''</big><br />
[[Reiko Hinomoto|Reiko]] • [[Dixie Clemets|Dixie]] • [[Evil Rose]] • [[Candy Cane|Candy]] • [[Rowdy Reiko|Rowdy]] • [[Makoto Aihara|Makoto]] • <br />[[Anesthesia]] • [[Aigle]] • [[Great Khan]] • [[Benikage]] • [[Miss Spencer]]</center>
==My Objective==
As a fan of the series, I'm attempting to create a wiki for the Rumble Roses games... which will hopefully become a trilogy at some point. While I'll try to cover the games as comprehensively as possible, this site should not be considered as a walkthrough. This is mainly about the characters and the world they inhabit. Anyway, this is very much a work in progress, so keep watching.
==Latest activity==

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Welcome to the Wiki

Rumble Roses Logo
Rumble Roses

Welcome to The Rumble Roses Wiki!
The wiki about the Rumble Roses series that anyone can edit.
78 articles since December 2010!
ReikoDixieEvil RoseCandyRowdyMakoto
AnesthesiaAigleGreat KhanBenikageMiss Spencer
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