The Singapore CaneEdit

Rowdy Reiko with her Singapor Cane

Rowdy Reiko brandishing a "Singapore Cane" in the wring.

When Reiko Hinomoto returns as a Heel, her new badguy persona ("Rowdy Reiko") arrives to the stadium and enters the ring- armed with her Singapore Cane.

As the 'Leader' of a biker/street gang, there is actually some historical presidence for Rowdy Reiko to wield this weapon when fighting in the ring.

Singapore Canes, along with wooden Kendo swords, are often depicted as the weapon of choice for members of stereotypical Japanese biker thugs- known as Bōsōzoku (which literally translates to the "Violent Running Tribe").[1]

Singapore Cane

An example of a "Singapore Cane"

The actual weapon (also known as a Shinai) is very similar to a Kendo Sword, often being used in the same manner as a practice sword. Hence it's size and resemblence to an actual sword. Sizes are made for specific ages and gender, but the length ranges between 114-120cm (roughly 3 1/2 to 4 feet).[2]

In Western circles, it is sometimes incorrectly referred to as a 'Kendo stick'. Unlike the wooden Kendo, a Shinai is composed of tightly-bound and coiled bamboo. It is also often made to be intentionally large and unwieldy, as a way of strength-training novices. Another major factor that distinguishes it from a Kendo Sword is that is not designed for (or capable of) inflicting serious bodily harm on a person. As such, its inability to break/damage bones or cause serious injuries makes it a poor weapon for use in an actual fight. However, it is this very same quality that made a popular choice in American Wrestling (such as TNA's Impact). It can be used in fights to feign injuring an opponent, or simply as a way of humiliating them.


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