In Rumble Roses XX, there are a number of shops where the money earned from matches can be spent to purchase various items: ranging from special costumes, to activities and poses, to extra content and even new characters in some cases.

There are five shops, with over a hundred items (of varying prices) that the player can purchase for use in the game. Some items are available right away to all the characters, while other items won't become available until certain criteria is met by specific characters (accept for player-created characters).

Shop Types

  • Edit Costumes: Sells special costumes for the characters to wear in matches and activities- such as photo shoots and penalties.
  • Swimsuits: The swimsuits worn by the game characters can be bought here and worn by other characters, including player-created characters.
  • Actions: Includes additional penalties for Queen's Matches, and a wide range of extra poses that can be used during photo shoots.
  • Gallery: Character and design art can be purched here for viewing.
  • Other: Special items can be purchased here, such as the Camera and the Sound System.
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