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For the pachinko game, see Rumble Roses XX (Pachislot).

RUMBLE ROSES XX came out in 2006, on the XBOX 360. The game serves as a sequel/remake of the first Rumble Roses game made 2004. Despite being cited for its stunning visuals, it received mostly average reviews.[1]


Players are once again able to take control of a large number of female fighters from around the world. The main difference this time is that the linear character-driven stories of the previous game have been dropped in favor of a more open-ended 'sandbox' style. While virtually all the characters return, there is virtually no references to the events in the first game... leading some to consider it more of a remake.

The Face/Heel system is still in effect, but with equal focus given to both the good and bad persona of each character. The game also introduced several new features- including Tag-Teams, the ability to fight in a 3-way or 4-way free-for-all, and in a 2-on-1 handicap match. The girls can also now build up their stats over time and the player can even tweak them- such as increasing muscle mass to make them hit harder or decreasing body mass to make them quicker. Players now have the option of building their own fighters and using them in the game. A large amount of downloadable content (DLC) could be purchased to further customize both the original and the fan-made characters.

Despite all this, the game was criticized for its lack of a story mode and there not being any tangible way to track your fighter's progress towards the title. As a result, the game received only 'above average' ratings.


  • Akira Yamaoka returned as the principle composer, along with Teresa James' cover of "Yankee Rose" and the Killer Barbies' "Have Some Fun". For Rowdy Reiko's intro, and in Reiko & Noble Roses' duet, the original Japanese lyrics were used.[2]
  • Showbiz's name was changed to "Sista A", Dr. Cutter became "Dr. Anesthesia", Judgment became "Yasha", and Killer Khan became "Great Khan". Bloody Shadow was renamed "Benikage"- which means the same thing in Japanese.
  • The game manual for Rumble Roses XX has no cast and crew listings and the ending credits of the game states that the english voices were provided by the "Rumble Roses XX All-Stars". This is likely a collective group psuedonym for the American cast. This is believed to have been done because the game was a non-union production, and was not sanctioned by the Screen Actors Guild. [3][4]


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