The Riding Crop is a melee weapon wielded by The Mistress during matches. It's unique to her, and the only way for another player to be able to use it is to disarm her. It's a type of small whip used to prompt horses (to go faster) during races and various other equestrian events.

A standard Crop is usually around 30" long and composed of a long (usually fiberglass) shaft, covered in leather or a similar material. The handle is the widest part, while a flexible middle section makes up over half of the total length. The end of the rod is capped with a leather "tongue". The crop is designed to be just long enough to allow a rider to stay balanced while in motion and be
able to swat the horse with it. Unlike with most Riding Crops, the one that The Mistress brandishes lacks the loop that's usually attached to the handle (meant to go around the wrist of the rider to help prevent them from dropping it).[1]

Unlike an actual horse whip (aka a "Dressage Whip"), the pain inflicted by using a crop is purely superficial in nature, which is why it seems to have become associated with so-called domination play and other S&M related fetishes. It's use on people is purely psychological, serving to way to demean and emasculate someone rather than cause then any kind of lasting or serious bodily harm. This fact is made even more obvious in the reactions of The Mistress 'slave' Sebastian when she hits him with it. Even when both The Mistress and Sista A are whipping him at the same time, it's clearly not causing any serious damage.


  • The Riding Crop is the only weapon to be seen wielded by two people: Both The Mistress and Sista A have one during the introduction of The Vanity Twins. This also makes it the example of there being two copies of a character-specific weapon.


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