Becky holding Makoto down for the three count in XX.

The pinfall is the most basic way to win in Rumble Roses.

Description Edit

Everyone in the roster including robots and joke characters have access to a universal pin attempt. It looks the same for every character. The one attempting the pinfall simply gets on top of her fallen opponent while they are laying belly up, if they are laying belly down the aggressor will roll her opponent onto their backs and then proceed as usual. The one doing the pinfall then lifts her opponent leg for extra leverage and the game starts counting to three.

At this point in singles matches one of two outcomes can occur. The opponent can either kick out if they haven't been beaten down enough. In this instance each female human character tends to have voice lines for just how close to three the pinfall attempt was, for example in the ps2 game if Becky Welsh kicks out quickly she will say "as if" jokingly. In contrast the victim will be unable to kick out and the match will be over.

Tactics Edit


Becky's victory roll leaves Makoto's hopes of winning in high doubt.

The standard pin attempt should only be attempted if the one doing it has a good idea if the opponent will be able to kick out or not. Because in Rumble Roses characters that sustained more damage stay down longer it might be a good idea when in doubt to attempt to further damage them. If the opponent kicks out despite how much punishment they have taken both characters get in a standing position at the same time, which can allow for a comeback. In Rumble Roses "Rope Breaks" are not a thing. Pinfalls could be attempted as long as they are in the ring, outside they can be attempted but victims are programmed to automatically kick out.

In the Mad Mud Match pinfalls and submissions can be done anywhere. It should be noted that despite the mud submissions and pinfalls that would force the victim's head to be under the muddy water make no difference and they are affected normally. In Tag matches and handicap matches other participants can break pinfall attempts, however in this instance it just plays the regular kickout animation even if the victim of the attempt met the conditions or not.

Attacks With Pinfalls Edit


Becky using her arms to hold down Makoto's legs for the pinfall attempt in the outskirts of a Mad Mud Match.

Some attacks have a pinfall attempt built in as part of the aftermath. Some killer and lethal attacks such as Becky's Becky-Rana and Lady X's Lethal attack leave their opponents in a situation where they have to kick out just as they have sustained damage. In some of these the aggressor actually stands up before the victim, making going for these throughout the match not a bad idea. Once the attack portion completes these attacks are treated just as the universal pinfall and have the same winning and escape conditions as the universal pinfall attempt.

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