The Nightstick is a melee weapon wielded by Sgt. Clemets during matches. She arrives with it in both her normal mode and her Super Star mode. She holds the side-grip when she brandishes it, and keeps long club-like segment against the length of her forarm. It has a fairly short range, and the way Clemets (or any others) hold it means that a player has to get very close to their opponent to use it against them.

Image of a Collapsable Baton 2
The Nightstick that Sgt. Clemets wields during matches is Colapsable Baton: a modern version of the classic Tongfar-style clubs used by police in the past.

The weapon is teloscopic in design, allowing it to be fully extended to a length of around 2 feet. So when not in use, it can then be retracted (usually down to a third of its length) and holstered.

Colapsable Batons used by law enforcement are straight clubs, lacking the side grips that are common to older Tongfar-influenced police batons. The weapon brandished by Sgt. Clemets, while colapsable, is different in that it clearly retains the traditional side grip. The retained side grip allows her to brandished in a traditional martial arts style, like a Tongfar.


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