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“N-no not that!”
- Becky after being humiliated

Humiliation activated for Becky

Humiliation is a state when a Rose's Humiliation Bar is filled. When the requirement is met your girl character will feel humiliated and degraded as a small cutscene is shown where she will sulk in shame, while a beating heart effect is also heard. The cutscene shown has a variation if the Rose is laying down stomach up, stomach down, or standing on her feet.


Chicken Wing Cheerlock is an attack that can only hit humiliated opponents

Humiliation activated as the Playstation 2 Becky feels the shame.

When the Humiliation bar is filled the affected Rose becomes vulnerable to H moves, the execution of H Moves out prioritizes lethal and killer moves once initiated. The only way to fight back against an H Move is to spend your own meter to reverse it. Some attacks such as Becky's down strike will actually avoid these at the right timing.

In XX a Rose who has her bar full will give her twice the time to escape submissions but she will also have to work twice as hard to escape from said submission. this is especially useful against human opponents who are not using turbo controllers.


Even some Killer and Lethal attacks such as Special Lesson add to the opponent's Humiliation.

All human Roses alongside Sebastian and the bear all have the same humiliation meter threshold. This threshold should be looked at as a separate health bar that specific attacks hit. Some Roses such as Candy Cane and Anesthesia have many attacks that add to the humiliation of their opponents alongside the normal damage distributed. The robots have a higher threshold compared to the normal Roses with Subsistance taking much more effort to humiliate than even Substance.

Becky reversing Miss Spencer's deadly Teacher Lock.

Humiliation is often an easier way to defeat bulkier opponents such as Dixie Clemets, Aisha and the Robots. The consecutive lowering of their defenses from each time they have to work to escape an H-Move. Frailer moves such as Becky it usually is more advisable to depend on a Rose's standard moveset and put them away with Killer and Lethal attacks. It is worth remembering that a Rose will immediately have the chance to stand up despite how much damage damage their have taken or the impact of the attack that knocked them off their feet. This can give frailer Roses a final chance to attempt a victory where they otherwise wouldn't have the chance.

Becky feels the shame in the standing variant.

Humiliation attacks could be reversed by the potential victim if they time their reversal right. Since smaller frailer Roses tend to be better at reversing once again it could give them a victory they otherwise wouldn't have gotten. This is notable also as Killer and H-Moves do not act this way if reversed.


Humiliation in Rumble Roses as it works has no direct origin but bits and pieces can be pieced together from actual wrestling. Heels especially will often have to deal with (scripted) humiliation as a way for them to pay for their bad deeds they have performed. Sometimes faces will with a semi recent example with a WWE shark cage match where a face was the unfortunate victim of being in the cage. Usually heels will be part of humiliation congas as it doesn't affect the crowd's perception of a wrestler as it would a face. In matches however humiliation isn't as played and it is usually more part of post match segments not unlike the Penalty after queens matches. It should be noted that a Rose could lose a match via Humiliation then still have to do the degrading action afterwards.

The Rumble Roses version could be more considered as a "pour salt on the wound" kind of tactic. A Rose who has been humiliated shows visible effects via the cutscene where they will feel the shame of the opponent's actions towards them. Humiliation attacks are not often (though can be) damaging and rather put the Rose affected in a degrading situation such as Aigle grabbing a humiliated Rose's rear while rocking her upside down in her PS2 Humiliation to Miss Spencer sitting on another Rose's back while that Rose is on display. These attacks do however coincide with damage taken and low damage means the Rose could escape a Humiliation attack.


  • Despite the girls having different defensive values, all girls have the same H Bar. Only the robots take more to Humiliate successfully.
  • When Humiliation is set to high in the settings one Ear Cleaner will fully humiliate a human Rose opponent.
  • This Humiliation has to relation to the result a Rose may feel at the end of a Queens Match. Though Humiliation is one of their possible outcomes.
  • It is rather strange the Lady X robots can be humiliated, even if it takes more effort.


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Noble Rose Humiliated

Becky Humiliated in XX 1

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