“I can't take this anymore!”
- Reiko Hinomoto after being humiliated
Humiliation is a state when your girl fighter's H Bar is filled. When the requirement is met your girl character will feel humiliated and degraded as a small cutscene is shown where she will sulk in shame, while a beating heart is also heard.

Miss Spencer feels the shame

The cutscene shown has a variation if the girl is laying down stomach up, stomach down, or standing on her feet. 



Reiko taking the penalty for allowing her H Bar to fill.

When the Humiliation bar is filled your girl becomes vulnerable to H moves, the execution of H Moves out prioritizes lethal and killer moves once initiated. The only way to fight back against an H Move is to spend your own meter to reverse it.


Yasha realizes the derogatory penalties of the H move and being stroppy

Trivia Edit

Despite the girls having different defensive values, all girls have the same H Bar. Only the robots take more to Humiliate successfully.

Becky realizes the glass ceiling being eligible for the Rumble Roses is holding her back

Sebastian inflicts more humiliation to Becky Welsh than other girls or characters.
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