Electric GuitarEdit

Candy Cane chopping!

Candy wielding her guitar!

Candy Cane arrives with this guitar for her introduction (playing as she performs with her band)... But what at first seems to be only an instrument, is in fact her in-wring weapon.

While she treats more as little more than a baseball bat when fighting, Candy Cane does know how to play it- using it both her regular and Super Star introductions. It's a six-string (fully) electric guitar with a classic bright red finish.

Based on what we see of it's design in the two games, the guitar is most likely a "Solid Body" type (meaning that there is no cavity inside the main part of the body to allow for vibrations). These kinds of guitars are meant to be linked to an electronic Amplifier... the only way they can produce any real sound. It being a non-acoustic guitar is also supported by the fact that if fails to make any real noise when Candy hits someone with it.

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