Note: This name isn't official due to no real source material


Lady X Subsistance drilling her fingers inside the ears of Becky.

The Ear Cleaner is one of Lady X Subsistance's down grapple on the head area of an opponent that is laying down on the mat.

Description Edit

Lady X Subsistance needs to be around the head of the victim then put down and Y to initiate this. Lady X proceeds to lift the upper body of her opponent, placing them onto a seated position. Doing this limits the movement of her victim and her fight back options while keeping Lady X more in control of how they can wiggle. Lady X then proceeds to put one of her robotic fingers one side each onto the same side ear of her opponent. Once inside Lady X uses her robotic advantage of being able to rotate her hands independently from her arms to start rotating said arms. Once the rotating starts due to her fingers being inside the ears of her opponent this creates a "drill" like effect inside. To "sell" the discomfort this does damage to her victim's head area multiple times, increases the victim's humiliation, and plays "pain" sounds from the victim many times also. Once Lady X let's go the victim is seen holding their ears kicking their legs in pain momentarily due to the actions of her opponent.

Tactics Edit

Usage of this attack is quite recommended when possible. It's damage does more than most lethal and killer moves in the game. Against the more delicate girls like Becky, Makoto, and Benikage just a few of these can and will leave them down for the count. If Humiliation is set to "Max" in the options said frail girls will actually be left fully humiliated after one pass through.

Origins. Edit

This attack doesn't specifically take inspiration from a "real" wrestling move, rather one of the closest inspirations might be a "wet willy", where a victim has someone else's wet finger (usually by the attacker's own saliva" entered into their ear hole, usually as an attempt by the person doing it to bully the victim. However the Ear Cleaner like a lot of Lady X's moveset takes advantage of her unique anatomy advantages that the "human" girls and even Lady X Substance more limited robotic body can't perform.

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