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Becky locking Makoto in the vicious Chicken Wing Cheer Lock.

The Chicken Wing Cheer Lock is Becky's Humiliation move in both of her appearances Rumble Roses and Rumble Roses XX.

Description Edit

The Chicken Wing Cheer Lock despite being an H-Move is actually quite a practical submission. Becky begins by moving to the upper body of her opponent. Then she grabs her opponent by their shoulders and lifts them into a seated position.

When Becky's opponent is seated Becky proceeds to grab their left arm and pull it behind their back, putting pressure on her opponent's shoulder. While the opponent's free arm is over her shoulder which is feeling pressure Becky then proceeds to grab the left leg of her opponent with her own right hand and lift it. This would realistically add a Stump Puller submission effect to the Chicken Wing Cheer Lock and strain the hamstring of her opponent locked in the submission. Lastly due to the lifted leg and the position Becky's opponent is forced to sit while locked in her opponent's center of gravity is shifted into their right sitbone/hip. Noticeably Becky stays in the left side of her opponent while behind them, meaning even if her opponent tried to right back they would have to use their furthest arm from Becky and all attacks would be predictable and softened, However in Rumble Roses this attack is strictly labeled as an "arm" submission.

Tactics Edit


Judgement locked in the Chicken Wing Cheer Lock.

Despite the practicality of the submission in a real application, due to it being labled as an arm submission it is actually not very useful for Becky. Most of Becky's attacks either target the body or head of her opponent so even if Becky dominated her opponent for an extended period of the match there is a good chance their arms are still in good enough condition to escape one or two Chicken Wing Cheer Locks before being forced to finally tap out.

The same can be said if The Chicken Wing Cheer Lock is reversed that Becky herself is quite likely to escape it but this is of very little use if it isn't attempted anyways. It is recommended for Becky Players to stick to her Killer and Lethal moves as they are more in line with the rest of her moveset anyways and also target the head and body of her opponent.

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