The Characters of the Rumble Roses SeriesEdit

This is a list of all the characters from Rumble Roses (2004) and Rumble Roses XX (2006), who either appeared or where mentioned in the games. This includes both the wrestlers and other characters (both playable and non-playable), such as the followers shown with them in certain scenes.

Playable CharactersEdit

These are all the wrestlers (both Babyfaces & Heels) in both games that can be accessed and used by the player in matches. While most of them are able to fully compete in the games, there are some that are limited to fighting in Exhibition Matches.

  • Babyfaces: These are the traditional goodguys in both games. They enjoy the support of the crowd and play fair in matches (not using weapons)- allowing them to gain popularity faster. In both games, there are nine playable Babyface wrestlers and one that can only fight in exhibition matches.
  • Heels: These are the traditional badguys in both games. They are inclined to cheating (by using weapons) and do not have the support of the crowd- making it much harder for them to gain popularity. In both games, there are nine playable Heel wrestlers and one that can only fight in exhibition matches.
  • Followers: In Rumble Roses XX, there are two follower characters that are available to fight in exhibition matches only (after their fighter has been unlocked). In the Japanese version, they are selectable on-screen. While in the American version, a button trick allows the player to select them.

Non-Playable CharactersEdit

These are the non-playable characters (NPCs) that appear with the wrestlers in their intros. They are usually their enterage, back-up performers, or followers. The exception to this is Benikage/Yasha, where the NPCs are the enemy of the player characters.

Miscellaneous CharactersEdit

  • Miscellaneous Characters: People that are not seen in the games, and are usually only referred to (either in their bios or in their comments) by others. Most of them are usually family members.
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