Babyfaces are the good guys of the game- the heroes who stand up and do what's right. They're popular and will enjoy the support of the crowd. They play fair, they never come to a match armed with weapons and even have low stats in the "Foul" catagory.

The Babyface FightersEdit


  • Lady X- Substance is classified as the Face version of Subsistance. This doesn't make her a true Babyface, since she's not Kamikaze Rose (like in the first game).
  • Like her counterpart, Lady X- Substance is not a fully playable character in the game. She can only be used in exhibition matches.
  • While Anesthesia is listed as being in the Babyface catagory, this is only really by virtue of her being the less evil incarnation of Dr. Cutter.

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