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Bear Hug is both a regular recurring attack alongside also being Non-Non's Killer Move in the Rumble Roses series.


Dixie Clemets catching Becky in a strong Bear Hug.

One of two bear hug style attacks the Roses can perform, this version is more the "power" variant utilizing the performers upper body strength to support the victim's full body weight alongside squeezing them for the "submission" in this attack. The victim Rose is shown not providing any resistance to either her opponent, despite her arms being free, or the 'squeeze' the attack punishes the victim's back with. In both games this attack adds both Humiliation and body damage to the Rose caught with it causing recurring damage to both areas in XX for the during the victim Rose is caught in it.

Both guests have had access to this attack at one point or another with Sebastian being able to perform this on the Roses in the first game, keeping in line with his moveset consisting of out muscling them or handling them, and Non-Non with this being a rather recurring attack in his moveset with many grapples not counting his Killer move version which is aesthetically the same but has a bit more power behind it making it a bit more capable of making the victim Rose tap out.


Dixie squeezing her poor victim.

The Bear Hug isn't necessarily more powerful but certainly more capable of making a Rose tap out in the first game due to the submission mechanics of said game. Repeated hugs will damage the victim's "body" area more and more eventually putting them in the range they will tap out before they can escape. The XX version is still capable of convincing some Roses to tap out, but it is much easier to escape from especially those with high "flexibility" can escape with ease. A new purpose for this attack in that game is to put the opposing Rose in this repeatedly due to it's humiliation alongside softening the body area of them for a Killer Lethal or Humiliation attack that hits the same area to end the opposing Rose.

Bear Hug

The Non-Non Killer version is somewhat of an ironic attack despite how fitting it would be for a bear to use a bear hug. Non Non's huge size, girth, and strength over the Roses even the "powerful" ones such as Dixie and Aigle is betrayed by his low stats, meaning most Roses will be able to escape even the Killer version even after taking a good amount of damage. Similar to Sebastian Non-Non is usually better humiliating his opponent and using his Humiliation attack on the opposing Rose.


Becky taking damage while hugged.

A staple of larger wrestlers both in height and girth usually on smaller opponents the version of a standing bearhug is a staple of "big man vs little man" matches. In Rumble Roses somewhat ironically neither the portrayed strength or strength stat in XX actually affects the performer's chances of succeeding in tapping out a Rose. Furthermore with the given information the weight difference between the lightest and heaviest Rose in the roster is 50 pounds with the Roses sharing a natural center of gravity at the hips due to natural structure body mass isn't as much of a factor for the attacker and even some smaller Roses being able to perform this on the taller and heavier Dixie/Evil Rose.


  • Due to the victim being lifted when done by a taller Rose or Sebastian, the victim Rose's breast are actually in front of her attacker at face level. This leads to the attacker looking away while doing the hugging. Non-Non looks forward due to his much larger size than the Roses or any other competitor making the area not in his face.