Makoto dropped onto Miss Spencer's knee on a seated position, hurting her tailbone in the process.

The Atomic Drop is a recurring attack in Rumble Roses XX.

Description Edit

This attack can only be performed behind the opponent. For safety reasons the attacker first puts her opponent's arm around the back of their head so the victim can at least have some ability to correct mistakes. The attack then proceeds to lift the victim off the ground. The attacker then ensures the victim starts falling, usually via their own body weight and mass onto a seated position.


Makoto trying to soothe her tailbone after landing on Miss Spencer's knee.

The victim then lands on a seated position into the knee of the opponent. The attacker is careful to ensure the center of the rear end rather than a glute lands on their knee as if they land on a right or left glute their sitbone would take the brunt and thus would hurt a lot less. With the center of the buns landing on the knee the more fragile tailbone instead takes the damage. After falling the victim immediately stands up from their seated position and from the knee of their opponent.

Somewhat interestingly, while most attacks of the opponent are not "sold" by the victim this attack is. They will be in a stunned state momentarily tending to their tailbone area, which is rather realistic as tailbone pain is quite sharp and sudden. Since Rumble Roses is a female division realistically the broader female pelvis and more exposed tailbone alongside the more naturally softer female body bones would cause the pain to be worse. In any case the atomic drop due to it's tailbone targeting nature would also affect the spine of the opponent provided she is either the victim of it recurringly or has one very hard landing..

Tactics Edit


MIss Spencer lifting Makoto for the spine rattling drop.

In Rumble Roses due to the four categories of damage areas this is classified as "body" damage. Usage of this attack is mostly recommended as it leaves the opponent stunned and opened for another attack afterwards. Due to the way the attack works while the victim is tending to their tailbone strike they can not reverse attacks, meaning they can be open to a second hit or even the meter attacks when applicable

Miss Spencer Edit

The regular Miss Spencer can abuse this attack for an infinite. Every other character who has this attack only has it while the opponent is not stunned and has a different attack for when they are stunned from the same position. Miss Spencer has this programmed for both stunned and unstunned behind a standing opponent. Combining this with the meter gain and humiliation gain Miss Spencer can atomic drop her opponent for as long as she wishes. Her lethal attack also synergyzes well with the Atomic Drop as it's requirements are being behind a stunned opponent, a state Atomic Drop leaves Miss Spencer's opponent in. Her Humiliation attack also targets the body and will usually end the match with the body damage the Atomic Drop causes while filling the meter against all of the "human" girls.

Origin Edit

Due to Rumble Roses being a wrestling game the Atomic Drop is a natural inclusion. It can be seen as comical in some instances due to seeing the victim holding their backside after falling victim, thus it is usually used by faces against heels (usually the comical heel kind) to make the face look stronger and the heel look like a fool. The Atomic Drop has also been popular as a revenge attack against heel managers and valets (female managers or eye candy). Especially against Valets this has been popular as it can be crowd pleasing to see a Valet holding her aching bottom after she has been such a heel towards a beloved babyface.

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