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"Dancin' Sister No 1"



Place of Birth

Atlanta, Ga. (Moved to San Antonio, Tx in her teens)



Date of Birth

May 28, 1980


5'11" (180 cm)


138 lbs (62.5 kg)

Measurements (Bust, waist, hips)

36"-28"-35" (91.4-71-90 cm)


Ultimate Elbow Crash, No Holds Barred Combo, Hell Rush


Dixie Clemets (Friendly Rival and Tag-Partner)



Aisha (アイーシャ) is a playable character in both the original Rumble Roses in 2004 and the sequel Rumble Roses XX in 2006.

She fights under the moniker of "Dancin' Sister No 1". Her Japanese voice actress is Reiko Kiuchi. She was dubbed by Jessica Gee (credited as Pari Banyan) in the first game, with Julie Ann Taylor voicing her in the sequel. Her singing voice was provided by Aisha Goodwoman.[1][2][3]


Aisha was born in Atlanta Georgia, though she moved to San Antonio Texas during her teens (between the age of 12-14, based on Dixie's established timeline) when her father got transferred there. She attended the same high school as Dixie Clemets (who was 2 years older than her) and the two soon became 'rivals'.

As time went on, Aisha's gifted singing voice and good looks helped launch a highly successful (and lucrative) career as a singer and performer. She would go on to win numerous Grammy Awards, helping her to become the top Diva and superstar of the music industry. Yet despite all her fame and fortune, Aisha could never forget her old high school rivalry with Dixie...

So when she learned that her rival had entered the Rumble Roses Championship Tournament, Aisha promptly entered as well. Confident of her skills, Aisha intended nothing less than defeating Dixie in the ring- so that everyone would know that she was the best.[4]


Aisha is very energetic, as well as competitive and ambitious by nature - as showcased by ongoing efforts to overtake Dixie Clemets. She enjoys being in the spotlight and uses the Rumble Roses Tournament as a chance to showcase her singing and dancing skills.

Many of her actions can be viewed as egotistical, as it can be argued that her true motive for fighting in the tournament was to simply prove (mainly to herself) that she was better than Dixie... Rather than as a means of furthering her career and becoming an even bigger star than she already is.

Aisha constantly tries to prove herself as the better of

Super Star Aisha hits the runway

the two while Dixie doesn't appear to have any strong feelings on the matter one way or the other. Still in spite of this, Aisha carries herself with the poise and energy of a star and a diva. Her theme music (complete with her own lyrics and interspliced with video footage) plays during her introduction while she enters the ring with her backup dancers- performing an impressive choreographed dance number while dressed in flashy and provocative outfits.

Regardless of her vanity, Aisha is not incapable of acting unselfishly - even going so far as to save Dixie from Madam X's sneak-attack (during the final scene of Dixie's storyline) in the finals of the tournament. By the second game, she even goes so far as to form a tag-team with Dixie called "Rodeo Drive".

Aisha's personality can lead to trouble


Aisha 03.png

Aisha is very tall ( 5'11”) beautiful woman. She has a well-toned figure with a nicely curved profile. She has medium brown (or olive) skin, with light brown eyes and full-lips.

As a performer, she seems to favor having a more sensual (and less muscular) appearence, with less muscle definition. Her overall design may have been left somewhat ethnically ambiguous due to Japanese aesthetics. Her hair, which likely is dyed, comes down a few inches past her shoulders. The primary color of her hair appears to be a light/medium brown, with sandy/blond highlights... Or, according to 'industry' terms- Dark Auburn, with Light Ash Blonde and Honey Blonde highlights.[5]She also wears dark (purple?) eye-shadow and dark eyeline, with light-colored lipstick. Her eyebrows are a dark brown color.

Her regular (default) in-ring costume has an almost entirely white color scheme. The lower half of her outfit includes a pair of shiny white/pale-blue form-fitting ("hip-huggers") pants with a low waistline that exposes the straps of a white thong-like undergarment. She has on a white metal-studded belt looped into the top of her pants. She also wears a pair of white high-heeled designer sandals. The upper half of the outfit consists of only a sparkling white bikini-style top (which only really serves to show off her midriff and breasts). She wears a large jewel-studded necklace around her neck, complete with jewelled strands that loop down, and a large narrow locket at the center that hangs down just above her cleavage. She also wears a pair of black kickboxing gloves and black elbow pads, along with multiple large and ornate gold braceletts on both wrists.

When Aisha wins enough matches and gains enough popularity (at least 80%), she achieves Super Star status, along with gaining a flashy new outfit. Much like her regular costume, the

Super Star Aisha strikes a pose in the wring!

(default version of the) outfit is primarily white, with a blue trim- and quite sparkly. It also has a vaguely 'Native American' theme to it- possibly meant to serve as a jab at Dixie Clemet's western-themed cowgirl outfit.

In keeping with her usual style, she arrives to the sound of bombastic music (with back-up dancers), and enters the ring in the same outfit that she had just performed in.

Aisha wears a white headband with a single feather attached to it. She wears two necklaces- a shorter white one and a gold chain with a circular locket. She wears skimpy shiny white bikini-style top (with a beveled surface and

Aisha posing in her swimsuit

jeweled stranfs hanging from it), and a very short white skirt (made of shiny material) with a large blue and green leather belt. She also wears bright white gloves that stop below the elbows (with a dark green hoop-shaped wristband on the right). She wears white high-heeled boots that come up to just above the knee, along with sheer white stockings underneath that come mid-way up her thighs.

When Aisha takes part in Queen's Matches (or Mad Mud Matches, in the case of the first game), she arrives to the match wearing a rather unusual looking two-piece swimsuit... What makes her swimwear different from the swimsuits worn by the other fighters in that it looks more like fancy lingerie than a bikini!

The default color is solid white. The top has frilly lace running along the edge of the front and narrow over-the-shoulder straps. It even seems to be designed to fasten in the back like a bra. The matching bottom also looks more like panties than a bikini bottom. Especially with the frilly lace in running along the top edges. She also wears a a pair of trendy-looking white (heeled) sandals.

Interestingly, her alter-ego (Sista A) wears a fairly similar swimsuit to beach matches as well.

Fighting Style[]

Aisha excels in striking

Aisha brings a lot of the same energy and style of her performing to the ring. It's worth noting that she does not practice any particular fighting discipline, so her style is more akin to a brawler or street-fighter. As a result, her specialty is weighted heavily towards powerful striking attacks and body throws. She can do a lot of damage with her solid punches and hard kicks. Players who use Aisha emphasize her strengths in pounding her opponent.

Aisha pounding Reiko's belly

Her ability to meter out both high amounts of bodily damage and build up Humiliation levels makes her especially well suited to both Pure Humiliation Matches and Streetfights. Like the other large strength-based fighters (aka, the "Tanks") in the game, Aisha can withstand a good deal of punishment- giving her a clear edge in a battle of physical attrition. Further raising her stats (160+) will make her downright lethal in Street Fights.

However, her focus on physical attacks (combined with her size and sluggishness) makes her more vulnerable to the reverse-attacks and reverse-submissions of faster and more agile fighters (like Makoto).

Killer Move[]

Ultimate Elbow Crash

  • Ultimate Elbow Crash: A hold that combines Aisha's submission with her striking abilities. Aisha applies a full nelson hold on her opponent and brings them to the ground. Next, she scissors her opponent's right arm with her legs, and traps their other arm with left, leaving their head exposed. Aisha continuously delivers elbow strikes to her opponent until they submit.
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • With that being said, this move can be done anywhere, as long as Aisha's opponent is on their feet.

Rumble Roses XX - Aisha Killer Move (Ultimate Elbow Crash)

Ultimate Elbow Crash

Lethal Move(s)[]

No Holds Barred Combo

  • No Holds Barred Combo: A hold that combines Aisha's submission with her striking abilities. Aisha brings her opponent to the mat with a single leg takedown. She then transitions too a mount position, grabs her opponent's left arm and delivers six punches to their head. After the sixth punch, she scissoring one of the left arm, grabs hold of the wrist of that arm and pulls it upwards, causing hyper extension of the shoulder and elbow.
    • Only Aisha can perform this move.
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • In addition, Aisha must be facing the front of her standing opponent while they are dizzy.

      Rumble Roses XX - Aisha Lethal Move (No Holds Barred Combo)

      No Holds Barred Combo

      Critical Punch Rush

  • Critical Kick Rush: A combo that utilizes Aisha's striking abilities. The move starts off with Aisha kneeing their opponent in the head, bringing them to their knees, followed by five alternating slaps to the face. Aisha the delivers four alternating round kicks to her opponent's temple. She finishes off the combo with a shin kick squared to her opponent's face, knocking them on their back.
    • Only Super Star Aisha can perform this move.
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • In addition, Aisha must be facing the front of her standing opponent while they are dizzy.

Rumble Roses XX - SS Aisha Lethal Move (Critical Punch Rush)

Critical Kick Rush

Humiliation Move[]

Hell Rush

  • Hell Rush: A hold that combines Aisha's submission with her striking abilities. Aisha first punches her opponent in the face to bring them on their hands and knees. She then gets on top of their body, wrapping her arms around her opponent's torso. From there, Aisha continuously delivers knee strikes to her opponent's head until they submit.
    • Like all Humiliation moves, the opponent must have their Humiliation Meter at full to execute this move..
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • With that being said, this move can be done anywhere, as long as her opponent is on their feet.

      Rumble Roses XX - Aisha H-Move (Hell Rush)

      Hell Rush



Rumble Roses XX - Aisha Entrance



Rumble Roses XX - SS Aisha Entrance

SS Aisha


  • Bizarrely, during the interview session in the first game, when asked who she would most like to meet... Aisha replies that she would like to meet "the late, great Aretha". This is odd, as she's most likely referring to Aretha Franklin, who was still alive at the time.
  • Aisha's theme "Fate" was written and arranged by Makihiko Araki, and the lyrics performed by Jamacian singer and actress Aisha Kamila Goodison. It was retained for the sequel, but since it was a non-union production, it's unclear if the vocals in it are Goodison's, or uncredited performer's.
  • Some fans sometimes compared her to Beyonce, in appearence and singing  and dancing skills.
  • Aisha is one of five characters who are accompanied (in her case, by back-up dancers) during both her Normal and Super Star introductions. The others are Candy Cane, Becky, and Sgt. Clemets.
  • In Rumble Roses XX, Aisha is the only character that moves while her stats are being viewed. Everyone else simply poses and remains still.
  • She, Sgt. Clemets, and Dixie are the only Americans in the series.
  • Her voice actress in the first game, Jessica Gee, returns as the voice of Benikage and Yasha in the second game.