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“The Nomad”



Place of Birth

The Planes of Mongolia ("Mongolia at Wolfrock and Gorge of Moon")



Date of Birth

June 27, 1986


5'5” (165 cm)


119 lbs (54 kg)

Measurements (Bust, waist, hips)



White Doe, Lake Qinghai, Olgiy Lock


Makoto Aihara (Friend and Tag-Partner) Candy Cane (friend)


Father, Older Brother

Aigle (アイグル) is a playable character in both the original Rumble Roses in 2004 and sequel Rumble Roses XX in 2006. She fights under the moniker of "The Nomad". Her Japanese voice actress is Yuka Inokuchi. She was dubbed by Terry Osada in the first game, with Sandy Fox voicing her in the sequel.[1][2]


Aigle is a member of a nomadic tribe living in the sprawling planes of modern day Mongolia, a land-locked country surrounded on all sides by Russia and China. The once dominant Asian culture suffered in the shadow of Imperial China (and later Soviet China) between the late 1700s till the fall of the USSR at the end of the 1980s. Despite all this, Aigle enjoyed a normal, happy life in the isolated plains of Mongolia. [3]

Like her father and brother, Aigle is the latest descendant in long-running family tradition of Mongolian Wrestling, with both her father and brother being masters. As such, she is a master practitioner of the traditional Mongolian Wrestling known as Bökh (meaning "durability"). Bökh is somewhat similar to Japanese Sumo, in that it utilized ones upper body strength and endurance. The first game's manual refers to her fighting style as "Mongolian Sumo", but this is likely just a mistake. Another point worth noting is that traditional Mongolian Wrestling is highly patriarchal... to the point that steps have been taken to keep women from ever participating in it. So this makes the fact that Aigle was trained for this, even more extraordinary.[4][5]

Aigle chose to enter the Rose Tournament to prove herself, not just to the other fighters around the world, but to her father and brothers- as she desires more then anything to prove her strength to them. Aside from her raw fighting talent, Aigle also brought her enthusiasm and outgoing nature to the tournament as well... She soon made friends with fellow competitor Makoto Aihara. Their friendship would prove so good that the two went on to form the Tag-Team The Great Beautiful Strong Pair.


Because of her rural upbringing and nomadic lifestyle, Aigle is unaware much of the world beyond her family and the small close-knit community that she grew up in on the planes of Mongolia. Aigle is an active member of her community and in very much in touch with her people's culture- as she is seen tending to the herds of

Aigle, back home on the plains of Mongolia

sheep, or playing a Morin Khuur (a traditional stringed instrument) in her free time.[6]

The effects of this upbringing are made instantly clear once she arrives in America to take part in the Rumble Roses Tournament... With Aigle being shocked by all the strange new people and culture now around her.

In the first game, she seems to become somewhat insecure about her figure, especially after her fight with Aisha - with the camera mockingly comparing her slim figure to Aisha's curvier figure, complete with cartoonish sound effects. Even after winning, the camera still compares them (focusing on Aisha's breasts and hips), and Aigle is left wondering aloud if she really did "win".[7]

Almost from the start, Aigle is filled with a mixture of confusion and curiosity by all the new culture and technology suddenly surrounding her! And as the young warrior has no concept of televised events, she often appears totally unaware of the cameras around her- failing to even look at them during matches or Photo Shoots. When she does actually notice a camera, Aigle has been known to abruptly stop what she's doing to marvel at it. Having come a nomadic herding culture, the sudden abundance of technology and foreign culture (something that most people would think nothing of) becomes something extremely fascinating to her.

In both games, Aigle can speak English (usually only in short simple phrases), though with some effort and lacking any proper refinement... As result, Aigle has been known to make statements that others have taken offense to. One of the more notorious examples of these exchanges came when she first encountered Dixie Clemets: Aigle promptly exclaims "Cowgirl have magnificent teats!" Dixie then responds to this, asking her "...Ya jealous, sweetie?" Only for Aigle to declare " sheep have more magnificent teats!"

Despite this language barrier and her tendency to make blunt statements... Aigle is a kind and caring young woman, and is respectful of her opponents in the ring. In the first game, after defeating Evil Rose (who then runs away), Aigle is clearly concerned for her- "Those eyes are like wounded wolf. So sad... But why?"[8] As the tournament went on, she ends up forming a lasting friendship (and later a Tag-partnership) with the the young Judo prodigy Makoto Aihara.


Aigle is a youthful-looking young woman, with fair skin and dark eyes. Unlike most of the other girls, she doesn't appear to wear any make up. Her dark brown hair is brushed into a wide part in the front, while the rest is pulled into two braided ponytails in the back (that are tied up with bright red ribbons.) Her outfit is based on traditional

Original Character Art of Aigle

Mongolian Wrestling attire, with a predominantly bright red, blue, and brown/black color scheme.

Aigle wears a bright red long-sleeved jacket-like garment with blue and white trim- a Mongolian wrestling top called a Jodag[9] The fact that there is no front is due to the history/mythology of the garment... with the open front intended to prevent a (disguised) female from competing.

The heart-shaped emblem on her clothes is a variation of the Mongolian Ölzii: a "never-ending knot symbolizing the universe and the endless cycles of life & death." It's designed to imbue long life and drive away danger and "evil spirits".[10]The prevalence of this design is likely intended to bring her good fortune in battle.

Aigle also wears a white bra-like garment with fur lining. Ulike other fighters, she does not wear gloves or knee pads when in matches. She wears a pair of traditional Mongolian wrestling briefs called a Shuudag (with a pair a black and white belts around her waist) a traditional pare of leather boots with upturned toes, called Gutal.[11]

Once Aigle becomes popular enough to achieve Super Star status (at least 80%), she unlocks her special Sheep-themed costume... Certainly one the stranger Super Star costumes, this outfit appears to have been inspired by her people's

Aigle in her "Super Star" mode

long traditions of sheep-herding.

Aigle appears to be depicting herself as a sort of "mother sheep" protecting her flock. Her intro is even capped by the sight of her running down the ramp (while in this outfit) after an 'escaping sheep'!

Yet despite its historical and cultural significance, it arguably remains one of the most underwhelming outfits in the game!

Much of the costume includes real sheep fur- including the lining on her boots, arm and shoulder guards, and the bottoms she wears (complete with a little tail!). The shoulder guards are tied together with metal-capped laces (similar to those of a Bollo Tie). Her breasts are covered in a small, strapless top- with a red, silver, and teal color scheme.

But what could be consider the most striking part of the costume would have to be the actual sheep headdress that Aigle wears... Ironically, the motif of the outfit (as a "mother") is somewhat contradicted by the fact that the headdress includes what look to Ram's horns!

Aigle looks at the camera...

When fighting in Queen's Matches (or "Mad Mud Matches", in the first game) during special matches on the island... Aigle shows up wearing a simple pink two-piece swimsuit.

Considering Aigle's normal in-wring attire, a swimsuit isn't that much a stretch for her...

She wears a dark pink/red two piece. The swimsuit's overall color scheme is comprised mostly of varying shades of pink and red, with some light and dark tones mixed in. And it only takes a quick look to see that it's clear that this swimsuit is intended to be functional, rather then just something for her to simply to look good in.

The top has darker red ruffles lining the straps and long the edges, and actually offers proper coverage. The bottom is the same varying shades of pink and red, complete with frilly edges. However, instead of being the usual revealing bikini style common worn by the other fighters, the design is more akin to a pair of shorts...

Again, it should be obvious that they were chosen for their functionality and not their looks.

Fighting Style[]

Aigle is a strong character, despite her short stature

Aigle's fighting style is comparable to Makoto's, but with more of an emphasis on striking less of a focus on humiliation moves (specifically, standing reversals). Her strong upper-body strength makes her good at throwing her opponents, as well as putting them into suplexes. However, while her strikes are generally damaging, her smaller size limits the reach of the attacks.

Aigles strength allows her to lift even the larger wrestlers like Aisha

Despite her small stature, Aigle still manages to be a strong fighter. But she still has her limits, specifically in the field of brute-strength and endurance. Some players would be advised to stock-pile Specials so as to cancel out their opponents Special Moves. If carried out properly, Aigle's Killer Moves can inflict considerable damage upon opponent's head for easier head submissions.

Aigle slamming Reiko hard into the mat

Because of her skill set, Aigle is handicapped when it comes to Street Fights, especially when fighting against 'tanks' like Dixie or Aisha. However, if you are still tempted to enter her into Street Fights, Aigle's Killer Move is quite devastating against fighters with average to low strength.

All in all, the young Nomad is best suited to traditional match types, like pin falls (as they play to her strengths) and Tag-Matches (where she has the benefit of a partner with abilities that complement her own).

Killer Move[]

White Doe

  • White Doe: A throw that utilizes Aigle's skills in strength. Aigle first grabs her opponent's right leg and lifts them off of the ground so that they are hanging upside-down. She then moves her right arm to grab her opponent's shoulder for balance. After she lets go of their shoulder, Aigle drives her opponent head-first into the mat.
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • With that being said, this move can be done anywhere, as long as Aigle's opponent is on their feet.

Rumble Roses XX - Aigle Killer Move (White Doe)

White Doe

Lethal Move(s)[]

Lake Qinghai

  • Lake Qinghai: A throw that utilizes Aigle's strength. When her opponent approaches, Aigle scoops her opponent on to her shoulders. With her opponent's back across the back of her head, Aigle holds her opponent up by hooking the head with one hand and their legs with the other. Aigle gets a running start before falling backwards, slamming her opponent stomach-first into the mat.
    • Only Aigle can perform this move.
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • In addition, Aigle must be facing her opponent as they are running toward her.
    • This is also a Inverted Samoan Drop.

Rumble Roses XX - Aigle Lethal Move (Lake Qinghai)

Lake Qinghai

Morin Khuur

  • Morin Khuur: A throw that utilizes Aigle's strength. First, she grabs and holds of both of her opponent's biceps. Aigles then starts to spin clockwise to lift her opponent off of the mat. After the eighth rotation, Aigle tosses her opponent more than halfway across the ring, feeling a little dizzy while doing so.
    • Only Super Star Aigle can perform this move.
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • In addition, Aigle must be facing the front of her standing opponent while they are dizzy.
    • This is a modified version of the Giant Swing.

Rumble Roses XX - SS Aigle Lethal Move (Morin Khuur)

Morin Khuur

Humiliation Move[]

Olgiy Lock

  • Olgiy Lock: A hold that utilizes Aigle's submission abilities. First she grabs her opponent's right arm and stands above them, facing their head. With a hold of their arm, Aigle falls backwards to flip her opponent on their stomach. She then pulls back on her opponent's left arm with her right, scissoring it with her legs, which also immobilizing her other arm. Aigle grabs and pulls her opponent's left leg with her other hand. From this position, Aigle is stretching her opponent's arm and compressing their spine.
    • Like all Humiliation moves, the opponent must have their Humiliation Meter at full to execute this move..
    • This move can only be executed by have at least 1 meter filled.
    • With that being said, this move can be done anywhere, as long as her opponent is on their feet.
    • Aigle uses two submission moves in this one move. She performs a Fujiwara Armbar and a Single Leg Boston Crab at the same time.

Rumble Roses XX - Aigle H-Move (Olgiy Lock)

Olgiy Lock



Rumble Roses XX - Aigle Entrance



Rumble Roses XX - SS Aigle Entrance

SS Aigle


  • She's the only Asian character who is not from Japan. Being Mongolian, she is also the only character who's (confirmed) birthplace is located on the Eurasian continent.
  • Aigle's theme "The Spirit of The Hawk" was composed by Yuka Watanabe (of Konami TYO) and arranged by Hiroyuki Kohzu.[12]
  • She speaks in the third person.
  • Her name is French for eagle.